cropped-Woman-Emerging-From-Water.jpgHello my name is Don Royal. Welcome to my home page.
I am a naturopath, a chiropractor, and a practitioner of Neurolinguistic-Programming. I have been involved in alternative or complementary care in one way or another For the majority of my adult life.I have extensive experience in a discipline known as clinical ecology although I no longer practice that discipline. I have left that to others and now focus my energies in areas where there is greater need.

I grew up in Lincoln Nebraska, studied naturopathic medicine in Guatemala, returned to Lincoln Nebraska to complete prerequisites for professional school in Chicago. Attended the national University of health sciences in Chicago where he see my doctorate.

Beginning in 1984 I practiced chiropractic in Southern California for 15 years and, while practicing there, completed a residency in orthopedics.

In 1999, for reasons that I do not understand to this day, people were coming to me for help with mental health issues. I attempted to refer them but they insisted on me treating them. I was getting good results treating these people but I was not comfortable treating them I knew that I was not skilled in this area nonetheless my patients were getting results so I continued to do what they asked.

In the summer that year one of my patients presented me with a book with the peculiar title. It was called Frogs into Princes by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. I couldn’t stop reading. I said to myself “these guys have cracked the code.”

15 years of past since that epiphany and I have yet to find a set of tools that comes close to having the power, flexibility, scope, breadth or the power of the tools found within the NLP community.

When I began studying neurolinguistic programming I imagined effective treatment of little problems like neuroses. I did not imagine that severe chronic depression could be resolved quickly and easily in a single visit. I have been practicing NLP for over 10 years and I’m still shocked and amazed not only at the power and efficacy of this approach but also by the resistance encountered by those outside the NLP community. If you wish to turn a mental health professional into something resembling a rabid dog simply mention NLP.

In a way I am used to the sorts of responses being a chiropractor and practicing a profession which has been acknowledged for 120 years and accepted by reasonable adult humans for over 50 years and yet is vehemently opposed by orthodox medicine. In a way the response of orthodox medicine makes sense as we are a threat to them. On the other hand the response of the mental health professions neurolinguistic programming borders on psychotic. At one time I thought that they were well-intentioned but misguided. I no longer believe that they’re well-intentioned.